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About Us!

Where it started. 

The Associazione Campani nel Mondo was constituted in March 2003 and it is registered at the Registry of Societies in Victoria. The purpose of the society is to maintain and strenghten the culture, customs, traditions and folklore between the Campani of British Columbia and pass these down through generations, so that they may identify with their glorious Campanian origins. The Associazione Campani nel Mondo organizes numerous conferences and events inviting guests that come directly from Italy.



Our goal is to both maintain and strengthen the culture, customs, and traditions between the Campani of B.C and pass these down, so the Campani of B.C may continue to identify with their origins.


Campania is a region in southern Italy. The region has a population of around 5.8 million people, making it the second-most-populous region of Italy; its total area of 13,590 km2 (5,247 sq mi) makes it the most densely populated region in the country. The Campania region stretches along the Tyrrhenian Sea, from the mouth of the Garigliano River to the Gulf of Policastro.  The provinces of Campania are: Naples (the regional capital), Caserta, Benevento, Avellino and Salerno.


To find out more about the mild climate, the beauty of the coasts, the richness of its art and history, and the love for food that makes Campania the fascinating territory that it is, click on the button below: 


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